About Lyn

Lyn never has fit in.

She has always been way past the corporate B.S. and doesn’t buy into the “you have to look like this, think like this, act like this.”  She never watched movies or any sports so she doesn’t think like most people.  Instead, she started looking at the World with wonder and found it was actually magical.  Lyn knows that a lot of people see her as somewhat mad or delusional but she has always lived by the philosophy that ‘What you think of her is none of her business.’  Very empowering when you completely comprehend the power of those words.

Lyn was born in British Columbia, Canada; the eldest of three children and into a very creative family.   As a child, she was usually quiet and introspective and would shock others whenever she let her hair down.  Throughout her life, Lyn’s favorite question has always been, “what if?”.  Her “what if…” philosophy led to her never being afraid of making mistakes as she never saw them as mistakes but learning experiences.  Lyn has learned a lot.

Lyn became a single mother at age nineteen to a wonderful daughter who has since become her best friend.  They lived a non-traditional life as gypsies.  They travelled in their Pontiac Firefly all through British Columbia and Alberta, living six months in one place and then throwing all the important stuff in the Firefly to the next little town.  Lyn went to a college in Olds, Alberta for a while studying fashion design and horse husbandry.

Lyn talked with terminally ill patients, when she worked in a hospital collecting food trays from rooms.  She asked if they had it to do over again what would they do differently?  They all said things like, “I would worry less about tomorrow and live more for the day.”  She remembers one man who worked two jobs to get the truck, the camper, the boat to retire with yet died of cancer before he ever could enjoy them.  Lyn remembers one lady who said that she would stop and look at the trees and another who said she would walk in the rain.  They were all things that didn’t cost money but had a connection to nature.  Lyn tried to incorporate that into every day and try to do something, just for herself: walk in the rain, write a poem, take time to look at the flowers, watch the clouds, anything to connect her to the day.

Lyn trained as a floral designer.  She designed for a silk wholesale company and designed for their show room.  She also would go into the furniture department of major department store chains and design silk flower arrangements to co-ordinate with the furniture in their window displays.  Managing flower shops were also in Lyn’s past and was where she perfected her design and retail management skills.

Lyn and a friend decided they should work on a construction site before it became normal for women to do this.  She then became a realtor, a disaster for someone who is a gypsy at heart.  Every time a client was ready to sign a 20-year mortgage, her insides were saying “Are you crazy?  Do you know what you are doing?   This is going to be the next 20 years of your life?”  So, trying to find some sanity in this corporate world of money-making and management, she convinced her friend to take up Belly Dancing with her. It was a wonderful form of exercise.  She never realized how hard she had to work physically while mentally trying to move all her body parts separately.   Together, they made fantastic costumes to take pictures in for these wonderful albums they were making. They needed to create dancing names. Lyn went to the library and found the word ‘Nihil’ and she said that’s me “What In The Hill Am I Doing?” Lyn’s goal was to dance in public just once, which she did in a Greek Restaurant.  That night she was introduced as ‘Nihil’ and the audience heard about the story of her name creation and had a good laugh – accomplishing another goal.

On one occasion, Lyn went to a Psychic Fair, had her aura picture taken then called the manufacturer of the camera and talked herself into distribution rights to sell the camera in Canada.  After that, she discovered the Hong Kong Consulate and would go in and check out their catalogue to find products she thought she could sell.  Lyn would fax off letters explaining that she worked the trade shows and if they wanted to send her their products, she would show them at the shows and take any orders.  She also offered to do market studies to see if they could create a market in Canada for them.  She used to get all kinds of products in the mail to take to the shows.  She also teamed up with a fashion designer and, with her sewing and design skills, they created home decorating products for the gift shows.

Later, Lyn met Doug Stricklin who designed native Indian headdresses for movies and he asked Lyn to try and sell them.  She did and sold quite a lot.  Lyn learned Doug had Alzheimer’s and learned how to make them herself, to keep up with orders.  Next, she taught some native girls how to make them but managed to offend some in the Indian nation by creating something that was their culture so Lyn quit.

Lyn had a great lesson in the power of words when she found her husband by placing an ad, in verse, in the “Buy and Sell” Classified Ads. They ended up getting married, which lasted for eight years.  Subsequently, her husband’s alcoholism led to Lyn having an out-of-body experience: she found herself looking down at herself looking for where he was hiding all his bottles.  She didn’t have money but didn’t deserve to live like this so she threw some clothes into her old Ford Tempo and drove away from her home, her furniture, and her life.

She lived in her car, even sleeping on the beach some nights.  It was an experience she would never give up.  She learned that people don’t own things, things own people.  During this time, she did some network marketing to earn money.  Lyn would go shopping and learned to buy only ‘stuff’ that she could put in her car.  While living in her car, she met a wonderful man who asked her for her phone number.  Lyn thought – how does she tell this man she lives in her car and doesn’t have a phone there?  Eventually she started house-sitting and it was wonderful as she got to experience all the different life styles of varying peoples from stark minimalistic to crazy hoarding.

She and that wonderful man are still together, 25 years later.

The most important decision Lyn ever made was to go to Ramtha’s ‘Ancient School of Wisdom’ in Yelm, Washington, after being called to it in a dream.  It was the school that changed her life and taught her who she really was and set her on a path of learning and contemplation which has affected her life and her creativity to this date.  As a result of her time there, Lyn can talk philosophy, quantum potentials, energy, light waves, frequency-specific and more.  Lyn has had many extraordinary experiences at the school.

One discipline she learned was to find her name or a symbol on a card placed randomly in a large field while being blindfolded and using only the power of mental focus.  In the last 20 years she has found 67 cards in different fields and different countries.

Once, Ramtha had them make a card and put on it something they couldn’t deal with.  Something they intensely didn’t like.  Because of her experience with alcoholics, Lyn wrote “Drunkards.”  She never found that card. However, Ramtha said “whatever you put on your card, I’m going to put it so in your face you will have to deal with it”.  At that time, Lyn’s husband and she were looking for a business to buy.  Three weeks later, Lyn and her husband owned a pub, a beer and wine store with a restaurant and an apartment, all in one complex.  Lyn was there for seven years and had many adventures in learning.

After this adventure, Lyn and Peter emigrated to New Zealand and lived on a five-acre hobby farm with calves, two black sheep, 17 free range chickens, a duck who thought he was a chicken, a horse and a black lab puppy called ‘Ben’.  Lyn took that opportunity to re-invent herself as an artist.  She always wanted to be an artist and so she became one, though, initially, she had no idea how to do that.  As a start, she bought herself a really good camera, a Canon Mark II 5D and a large ‘Giclee’ multi-color printer capable of printing 40” wide prints of the highest quality.

Lyn knew nothing about photography and decided not to take a photography course, just to see what she could make the camera do on her own.  Her first attempt at photography was macro and she was attempting to take pictures of dew drops on the grass in the early morning.  It was magic. When she was focused on a single dew drop it looked like a dew drop and all other dew drops around it looked like unfocussed light.  If she then focused on the light it became a dew drop and the original dew drop became light.  The magic really happened when she enlarged the light and printed it and saw all the colors and patterns in the light, caused by the refraction of light through the dew drop.

Lyn has a small hand-tremble and she noticed that the tremble moved the light, so she exaggerated the movement and had some interesting effects.  She found that when she held the camera on an image and pulled the camera towards her body that image became three dimensional.  She used sunshine to create interesting designs and colors in reflections that she would photograph.  She would go out and fill her camera card photographing any kind of light that she could find.  She photographed reflected light off of mirrors, hot spots, glass of every kind.  She wanted to know what the light looked like in the glass.  Lyn had learned that light carried information and she pulled the light until she found what looked like bar codes.  Light could be clear, solid looking, and any shape and form you could imagine.

She joined an artist co-op, in the nearby town of Tirau, with 17 other artists where they put on art competitions, special fund-raising events, and taught art classes.  Lyn won third prize in the mixed medium category in the Auckland  ‘Royal Easter Show’.  Lyn also entered the ‘Art Waikato’ contest in New Zealand and won second prize for the ‘anything goes’ category because she put the images she took of the moving light on vertical tubes.  She had an art show at the Wallace Community Gallery in Morrinsville, New Zealand.  They featured her as creating Contemporary Photography.  Lyn had some photographers come to her show and they were not impressed when they asked her what ‘F’ Stop she used and she had to ask “What’s an ‘F’ Stop?”

Lyn was like a raven.  She would gather and photograph anything Shiny.  She would twirl the lid from a crystal sugar bowl in the sun, smear car paint on a mirror in the sunshine, anything she could find.  Her favorite question is “What If?”  That question has created some unique looking art and some major failures like when she poured liquid honey over a painting to see if the golden light would show and all it looked like was honey poured over a picture.  Lyn has never been afraid to try anything and because she has no computer skills.

If she wanted to create a certain look she had to do it manually by layering different items together then photographing them.  She learned how to use the ACDC Program just by pushing buttons to see what they did and was able to take some of her images and create interesting abstract designs.

While in New Zealand Lyn developed a severe body rash and after two years of testing they discovered she was allergic to most of the dyes used in clothing manufacture.  Orange would literally make a blister on her body.  She had to wear all white clothing, incredibly challenging for someone who likes colors.  Lyn designed a line of silk scarves from some of her artwork to add color to her rather dull wardrobe.  Everyone thought she was trying to look spiritual, angelic, or virginal.  Maybe that is why all her art work includes bright colors.

After living in New Zealand for seven years Lyn was getting restless.  One day, she decided she needed another adventure. They had a long driveway, lined with trees and she used to do a walking meditation every day.  She kind of threw it out there saying she needed a new adventure.  Lyn didn’t know what it was or what she would be doing in it, but she felt it was time.  Lyn walked back into the house and her husband Peter said, quite unprompted, “how would you like to move to Costa Rica?” She just said “OK”.  Lyn thinks she surprised him, so they were off on a new adventure.  They travelled to Costa Rica to investigate and decided there and then, to do it.

Lyn is now in Costa Rica in a new house they built that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and includes her own studio; her play room, where she can always say “What If I try this?” which she usually does for most of the day.

She has learned how to create acrylic pours, silk painting, alcohol ink painting, even resin pouring.  She has mixed and matched mediums to see what would happen and created some truly wonderful effects.

Lyn photographs images, changes them and photographs them again.  Lyn experiments more with the light; this time on the paintings and how it would change the look of the painting.  She has created what looks like light reflections on water by positioning the painting in the light to create that effect.  She places silk painting in the golden early evening sunlight coming in through the window, uses it as back lighting to change the image and look of the silk painting.

If she can think of it she will try it.  After a while, Lyn got bored with simple acrylic pours, after covering everything she could find, so she started using them as backgrounds for new images like abstract faces and portraits; a skill she is still working on.

Lyn also used to do Stain Glass Overlay, using different colored mylar film to create beautiful designs on glass, which were then finished with lead piping.  As Lyn still has some of the basic materials she creates figures with it, putting them in acrylic pours.

Most of her art is created from a deep contemplation and awareness of her connection to her reality in consciousness and energy.  Lyn paints the body in abstract forms, super imposed into the background of light as she sees that one cannot exist without the other.  Lyn believes that we are connected on so many levels, even dimensions, when becoming aware of the spiritual aspect of ourselves.  Reality becomes too small when we learn who we really are and living in wonder always expands your conscious understanding.

Lyn has become very aware of energy, the frequency of sound, color of light waves, how darkness and light play against each other continually all around us. and it is only the light that can expose what is in the darkness.  She used to be afraid of the dark, until she learned that she was the light, and the darkness is afraid of her!

She hopes that her art can touch your inner spirit and make you wonder “What if?

What if there is actually some hidden truths there”?